To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True

Imitating Shakespeare- did you get it? I love Shakespeare. So many life lessons, modern societal trends and blurred identities. It is the ultimate read.

If there is one thing I know. It is myself.

Going through a health crisis or two will do that to you. Smack you in the face with the things you hold most dear and clear the clutter from your life.

There is a silver lining- you see. And I KNEW it. I knew there had to be a reason to go through so much Shite. Amen.

Not to come off all holier than thou but being at the recovery end of Female Athletes Triad I feel I have a deeper understanding with what MY body needs to stay nourished and am far LESS judgemental about what others need to reach theirs.

Aye? Come again? Less judgemental?


Going through what I call my F.A.T years I have a whole lot more empathy for a human doing whatever latest fad or rocket science is out there to find their individual mechanism to unlock their best health.

Empathy because this was me.

I know for sure I drove many an expert crazy paying for their well-educated and experienced advice to see if they had the solution. I treated it all like a science experiment. My body was the test subject. I would follow the parameters of said experiment for the required amount of time and then draw my own conclusion based on not only scale and bodyfat readings but my blood test results and “energy”.

If it wasn’t working for me, I moved on.

So many tried and tested methods of nutritional advice and training failed for me. Some were methods that had worked like a charm for me pre- F.A.T days.

Yes, it was incredibly frustrating but my drive to not give up drove me more.

This is why I can confidently say “know me before you judge me”, “walk a mile in my shoes before you judge my journey” and “you go girl”.

How many times have you judged someone for Intermittent Fasting but have not realised they are doing this to reset their hormones as their Thyroid health is poor…and low and behold it works?

How many times have you assumed that someone who is LCHF (low carb, high fat) or gluten free is trying to cut calories but have not realised they are one step away from being diagnosed with Coeliac disease? Eating this stuff (gluten) is like missiles in their guts literally exploding their intestinal walls and zapping their energy.

Yip, I used to too. Until I got really sick and could not control my body anymore.

Then I became that person trying everything and frustrating the crap out of my industry peers.

Now when I hear things like “Oh I am on Isagenix” (it is big here in NZ), “I am drinking green juices only” or “I am doing 4 x HIIT a week” I am curious as to that persons WHY? Then I ask myself, how can I help this person? Am I in a position I can serve them and their health goals?

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes when I ask the question I am disappointed by the answer which can be shallow and quite simply because the person wants to be “skinnier” or they want to fit into these ridiculous pants I saw on Instagram. Honestly, like a children’s pair of pants. Only 10% of the population could fit their legs into them and that 10% are likely to be supermodels or naturally petite- the sort of person that is healthy being that petite. I struggle how to phrase opinions like this as I do not want to come across saying that you naturally petite girls are the root of all evil. It is true, you can STILL be body shamed and self-conscious even if petite.

My message is, own your truth. Know your body and what it needs for your best health. Experiment with your nutrition and movement to find out how it operates best. Find out what you need to restore your soul. Yoga is awesome, if you are into it, but it might be the breath that your body is after. Maybe you just need a walk in nature.

I’ll walk with you. I’ll stay beside you as long as you need to figure the puzzle of your body out.

I get it.

“This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”


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